Completed Projects

Archive Publishing

Virtual archives

The goal of the Archive Publishing project is to make accessible, through digitization and publication, archived documents that provide information about Nouvelle-France and First Nations societies, among others.

Phase I – “Virtual Cathedral” Exhibition - Done
Phase II – Digitalization of a great number of documents from Québec diocesan archives - Done
Phase III – Use of digitalised copies - Ongoing

Lead Researchers


The goal of the Barçah project was to develop software that would automate comparative and diachronic terminometry to help facilitate the analysis of terminology and large collections of documents.

Lead Researcher


The goal of the BiTerm project was to further develop a concordancer at the ILT Group and to use a prototype to illustrate improved functionalities compared to those of TransSearch.

Lead Researcher


Bilingual Research for the Diffusion of Scientific and Technical Documents from Federal Departments and Agencies

The ILO project focused on translingual documentary research and particularly on how accessible scientific and technical information generated by the Government of Canada is to Canadian citizens in both official languages.

NRC Research Project


The goal of the L2Corr project was to develop and assess text correction software targeted at second-language writers.

Lead Researcher

Multilingual Chat

The goal of the Multilingual Chat project was to develop a multilingual chat system that would allow multiple users to chat simultaneously via a computer network (usually the Internet) in the language of their choice.

Lead Researchers


The Observation of Technologized Language Practices (OTLP-1) project aims to understand language professional/machine interaction by studying human translation in an IT environment (bitexts, translation-memory-type tools and terminology databases).

Lead Researchers


Collecting Translation Dictations

The goal of the PAT project was to assess commercial voice-recognition technology when used for translation dictation purposes. The project aimed to assess the impact of this technology on translator productivity and the possibility of improving recognition rates by combining it with machine translation systems.

Lead Researcher


Statistical Machine Translation

The PORTAGE project is intended for the development of a statistical machine translation system, i.e., a computer system that “learns” how to translate from a source language to a target language.

Lead Researcher
Roland Kuhn


PostEdis a research group that aims to improve the professional practice of post-editing by humans. Post-editing is defined as human intervention on original or machine-translated texts.

Lead Researchers
Louise Brunette, UQO (R&D)
Alain Désilets, NRC (R&D)

Revision Memory

The Revision Memory project (MemRev) aimed to explore a new type of computer-assisted translation and writing tool. This system would be able to suggest local changes to a draft text to help improve its quality.

Lead Researchers


Integrated system for providing technological support to the language industry

The goal of the SISTIL project was to develop an architecture model, a structure and a prototype for integrating translation tools, systems and processes.

LGS-IBM project


Thematic Terminology Search

TerminoWeb is a flexible software environment designed for terminologists but also useful for experts (terminology search in a specialized field) or even learners (acquiring specialized vocabulary in learner-selected fields).

Lead Researcher

A TerminoWeb prototype is accessible online.


TransCheck is an automatic translation checker initially developed at the Université de Montréal's RALI Lab. Development is now continuing jointly by RALI and the NRC.

Lead Researchers


The goal of the WeBiNuk project, a component of WeBiText, is to develop and assess an English-Inuktitut translation memory created from multilingual parallel content found on the Web. The project is one of the IIT's Uqausiit activities. This group is developing IT tools to process Inuktitut.

Lead Researchers
Benoît Farley, NRC (R&D)
Alain Désilets, NRC (R&D)

Revitalization of Aboriginal Languages