On January 26, Mrs. Iulia Mihalache, professor at the Université du Québec en Outaouais and developer of the Translation Ecosystem, presented Bâtir des communautés et des réseaux sociaux des langagiers. This presentation took place at the 2012 CIUTI Forum - Translators and Interpreters as Key Actors in Global Networking, at the United Nations in Geneva.

The CIUTI Forum conference in Geneva brought together representatives from the fields of training and research (professors, researchers, business leaders, trainers, translation service providers), translation professionals, government organizations, and NGOs.The topics discussed, shed some light on the role and the place of translators in the global marketplace, the relationship between translation and politics and between translation and the economy, the role of technology in knowledge and institutional capital management, the impact of social media on translator training and the links between universities and the translation market.